about sakkke

created: 2024-03-29
updated: 2024-04-02

hi! i'm sakkke, a random os creator from Kanagawa. i have a passion for creating an immutable os and i'm currently focused on creating multimedia.

my story

my journey into os development began with an incident from my childhood. i have always been a huge fan of video games, frequently resetting games to experience them from scratch. however, one day, i ended up erasing some ultra-rare data i had received from a movie theater through a reset. this incident struck me profoundly, making me ponder the fragility of digital data.

after acquiring my first computer and diving into the world of open source, i became fascinated with developing operating systems that could be installed rapidly. yet, my focus gradually shifted from merely speed and efficiency to the stability and immutability of operating systems. i aspired to create an operating system that would free users from the fear of unexpected resets and data loss, offering them peace of mind.

this passion forms the foundation of my pursuit of developing an operating system centered around immutability. i deeply understand the impact of technology on our daily lives and am committed to addressing the challenges users face, aiming to create a safer and more reliable digital environment.

here's a little about my background and what makes me, me:

important life event

my engagement with Shorinji Kempo and Judo has been particularly meaningful in my life. through these martial arts, i learned how to interact with others, embracing self-discipline and respect for my opponents. these lessons have deeply influenced my approach to relationships and continue to impact how i interact with people today.

after graduating from junior high school, i ventured into the field of industrial technology, specializing in 'information media'. learning about illustration software, video editing, and strategic game development helped shape my creative talents. given my wide range of interests, entering this field felt almost miraculous.

software engineering and philosophy enrich my life, providing insights that are applicable to numerous decisions i make daily. interestingly, the text here is almost entirely generated by a program i like to think of as 'philosophy'. this showcases how closely intertwined technology and contemplation are in my everyday life.

moreover, interacting with various people through part-time jobs has made me a better person. initially, i struggled with communication, but i have grown to genuinely enjoy engaging with others. this transformation has undoubtedly benefited my work in software engineering.

what i love doing

one of my greatest pleasures is working while listening to music. it's especially suited for creative tasks. whether it's programming or designing logos, music enhances my focus and joy in the work i do. however, there's a small downside; when i'm composing music or editing videos, i can't continue to listen to music, which feels a bit disappointing. this contrast highlights how integral music is to most of my creative processes, enriching my experience and driving my productivity, except in those moments when my own creations demand silence.

a fun fact

despite just walking normally, i often get told i resemble a ninja. why 😂

my skills

for more details on my skills, please visit skills page.

my goals

looking forward, i aim to establish a fast development cycle and daily project updates and eventually advocate for and realize a new computing environment known as the 'XR Desktop Metaphor'.

short-term goal: establishing a fast development cycle and daily project updates

managing over 100 repositories on GitHub has taught me the challenges of efficiently progressing across multiple projects. this experience highlighted the critical importance of a swift process for making changes and releasing updates. therefore, my short-term goal is to further optimize agile development methodologies to establish a fast development cycle, in addition to making changes to at least one project every day. to achieve this goal, utilizing automation tools and scripts to streamline daily tasks and strict time management are essential. by implementing even small changes consistently every day, i can ensure continuous progress in my projects, leading to long-term improvements in overall project quality and productivity.

long-term goal: advocating for and realize a new computing environment known as the 'XR Desktop Metaphor'

my aspiration is to advocate for and realize a new computing environment known as the 'XR Desktop Metaphor'. this concept blurs the lines between reality and digital, bringing digital-specific functionalities, like copying, into the real world. to achieve this, an efficient operating system and desktop environment must first be prepared. my idea revolves around a 3D-expanded desktop environment, allowing for a broader placement of desktop icons and windows compared to traditional 2D environments. for displaying desktop windows in 3D, a library capable of rendering screens via the VNC or RDP protocol in three dimensions is necessary. while implementing this involves complex exploration, especially considering performance aspects where the RDP protocol may outperform VNC in gaming scenarios, i am highly motivated to tackle these challenges. achieving this would not only revolutionize our concept of digital workspaces but also significantly enhance user experience by integrating digital and physical realities more seamlessly.

making everyone's work easier is my core belief and i pursue this belief through my work and personal projects.

in today's world, digital technology has become a significant aid for many, exemplified by smartphones. the rapid transmission of information via the Internet is a hallmark of our era, leveraging this feature for software development and distribution, making open source a crucial concept. this philosophy not only aids in achieving what i initially started but also emphasizes the importance of contributions to open source. i firmly believe in the value of contributing to many open source projects. moreover, i enjoy the process of realizing this belief, finding joy in the journey toward making work easier for everyone.

get in touch

interested in collaborating or just want to say hi? i'd love to hear from you. for more details on how to reach me, please visit the contact page.